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Henna Hair dye

Henna; Lythraceae an Evergreen shrub plant which grows wild from Southwest Asia to North Africa.

The Henna tree has inside it Lawsonia which when taken is made into an orange or red dye that sticks to the hair or skin.

I wanna share about Natural Henna hair dye as I've been using Henna for years and years for my hair.

I used to dye my hair at a salon using chemical dyes.

Usually I liked to dye my hair light brown to compliment my brunette hair.

My routine was dying every 2 to 3 months.

One day after dying I felt my scalp was very itchy then I had itchy face lines and neck.

Also my scalp and face started swelling.

I was having an allergy reaction from the hair dye.

I had been dying my hair over 10 years and its never happened before.

After a few days the allergies would calm down.

I thought may be I was tired or lack of sleep or something sensitive..

3 months later I would go back to the hair salon and dye my hair again.

Unfortunately the allergic reaction happened again. 

That's too bad...

I couldn't save my brunette hair. Without the light brown dye my Hair was going Grey!!! 

Some people with naturally grey hair without the dye look beautiful and natural!

Totally I agree with that.

Myself....I still wanna to hide my grey hair.

So I found a Natural Henna dye.

Natural Henna doesn't have an alkaline agent which means no scalp or hair damage.

Also Natural Henna gives your hair shine and resilience without damage.

Henna is like a deep cleanser as it adsorbs dirtiness from the scalp.

Sounds like Natural Henna dye is perfect for your hair?

But there is a negative side . . . I should share with you.

1 It takes a longer time to dye your hair because there are no use of chemicals.

    2-3 hours approximately.

2 It is hard to dye hair color like brown because most Natural Henna dyes are orange or red. Especially grey hair turns a Redish Orange.

3 During your first time Henna challenge your hair might not be dyed properly.

    Some kinds of hair repels Henna.

Even though there are some negative, Henna is natural and good for your hair and scalp.

I recommend you try Henna if you wanna dye hair without chemicals and no allergies.

But you should do a patch test before using Henna.

Even if its natural, some people may still have an allergic reaction.

Let's do Henna . . .

For Red hair, Natural brown, Chestnut, Red.

Brown and Burgundy For grey hair.

What you need


Disposable gloves

Dark color towels

Grad wrap

Brush to apply Henna to Hair



Vaseline ( Don't worry if you don't have)

Apply Vaseline on your face line to protect tinting your skin.

Rinse off straight away if you put Henna on your face without Vaseline.

How to apply Henna

1 Put on disposable gloves

2 Put 2-3 table spoon Henna (For long hair) in the bowl and add hot tap water and stir with spoon until you get a mayonnaise texture.

3 Make parts in your hair with a comb.

4 Apply Henna on the scalp and hair with brush ( before apply check the Hennas temperature.)

5 About 1cm increments each time when applying Henna.

6 After you've covered your head with Henna wrap your head with glad wrap as heat is needed to penetrate the Henna into the hair.

7 Wrap a towel around your neck to catch any running Henna.

8 Leave 2-3 hours.

Rinsing off Henna

1 Put on the disposable groves you used before.

2 Put warm water in the sink.

3 Bow your Head down into the water ( Be careful to not bump your head on the taps.)

4 Rinse off Henna. It might have harden but it will dissolve as you rinse the Henna from your head.

5 Do the same thing twice ( Don't worry about getting all the Henna off.)

This procedure cuts your time and saves water when you take a shower.


1 Rinse the Henna away in a shower.

2 Wash your hair with shampoo to clean up henna.

3 Second wash hair with shampoo to clean up your scalp.

4  Use face cleanser if you see orange color on your face.

5   Rinse off and apply a lot of conditioner.

6 Rinse off.

7 Dry your Hair.

8 Completed!

Do you feel its too much?

It's easy once you get used to it.

Again do patch test before using as some people have allergy's. Even with natural products.

Happy Henna Hair Dying :)

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