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Effects of Massage

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

When do you like to have a massage?

When you feel tired?

When you have sore shoulders?

After exercise?

Before a special occasion?

People have stress, tight shoulders, tiredness, chronic fatigue for many reasons in modern society. There are many good reasons for having a massage.

1 Autonomic Nervous System May be the name Autonomic Nervous System is unfamiliar to you. Everyone has the autonomic nervous system in their body.  It has two different types of nervous which is Sympathetic nervous and Parasympathetic nervous. Sympathetic nervous (Active nervous.) works when we are awake during day and Parasympathetic nervous (Relax nervous.) works when we are asleep or mainly relaxed. These nervous systems are a two in one set. Also we can not control this nervous system by our selves. When we feel a head ache, dizzy, sleeping problem, irritated, tired etc...Sympathetic nervous system dominates all the time. Too stressful life makes Active nervous all day. Ideal is during day Sympathetic nervous works and in the evening then switches to Parasympathetic nervous. So both nervous balance is very important. Good news, a Massage makes Parasympathetic nervous (Relax nervous.) more active which means you can relax and sleep.

2  Immune System As you know your Immune System is protects your body. It is said that cells for immunity increases after Massage. Massage makes many immune soldiers in your system to protect your body! 3 Flow of Lymph and Blood Circulation Lymph doesn't flow with out muscle movement or physical stimulus A Massage make your lymph flow minimizing swelling. There is fatigue acid inside the lymph that goes to blood circulation and detoxification by Kidney and Liver. In other words bad flow Lymph doesn't detoxify. Massage makes a good flow of lymph and blood circulation 4 Loosen Muscles  Many People have stiff Shoulders. When you have a massage, your Muscles are loosed, relax and also makes Good Blood Circulation. If you add stretch and exercise at home after massage, you would feel better long term. A Massage has an excellent recovery effect against fatigue. That's why Sports Players and Athletes have massage after the their Game or Match. Massage has many good reasons. If you feel tired, sore shoulders, back legs, cannot relax, don't leave it. Fix it now!

I love the Relaxed Warm and Sleepy feeling during massage.

I could stay on the bed all day !! Thank you for reading. :)

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