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How to loose Weight in 2 Weeks

There are many Events like Holidays, Parties, Birthdays, Balls, Wearing Togs, Weddings, Date with that special person you love etc I believe that people want to loose weight and toned their body before these events.

I want to lose weight especially before Summer. Every Spring before Christmas I made the decision to loose weight.

I have been a slug in Winter when it comes to the gym. I feel like I will go to the gym may be tomorrow but tomorrow doesn't come in Winter for me..

It's Spring now!

I made a decision to loose weight before Summer as usual.

Normally I like a Gym Class.

A 1 hour class is so quick and fun with groovy music and cool Instructors. I'm Sweating, pumping a lot but it's good for cardio and stress busters. It's also great for stamina and endurance.

But I always feel I should do more weights for my muscles.

I tried a few times to do weights but I get bored so easily. 10 minutes was enough for me... Muscle burns calories and tones the body and strings.

I know weight training is necessary for my core.

Cardio and weights are ideal for our body.

Again I get bored easily doing weights so I need to find what I could do at home that's easy!

I was browsing internet when I found this!!

Squat with High-heels

What do you think??

Sounds like fun doesn't it??

Doing Squats to standing on tip toes makes more strength and burns calories. So if you wear high heels you don't need to stand on your tip toes making it easier. Of course if you don't wanna wear high heels it's ok to stand on tip toes.

A Squat uses a large capacity of muscles which burns calories more than we thought. Also after squat movements you're still doing the burning fat effect.

There is an action for moving bows to loose Visceral fat as well.

Slow movement makes the legs good straight shape and strong, hip up, good posture, also gets rid of the love handles. As you know squat makes good work with the legs and the whole body also can get a quick result with a high fat burning rate.

That's why the Squat is called The King of Exercise.

There are 2 different Squats

Legs wide open Squat with High heels

1 Open your legs wider than your shoulders 2 Tiptoe out to sides 3 Put down your hip with a straight back for 3 to 4 seconds slowly 4 90 degrees at the knees then try not to move your knees over your feet.

15 times Caution do not wear heels over 5cm. You can wear lower heels if you feel unbalance. If you have a yoga mat use it so you don't slip.

Heels together Squat with High heels

(It works well for adductor magnus muscles which means great exercise for inner thighs and hip up.) 

1 Touch together your ankle heels 2 Bend your knees keeping your back straight 3 Go back slowly 15 times

Caution do not wear heels over 5cm. You can wear lower heels if you feel unbalance. If you have a yoga mat use it so you don't slip.

Do these 2 different Squat with high heels 3 times a day.

Keep doing it even if you're going to the gym regularly. But when you feel more results then add more squats with high heels.

You will get different results in 2 weeks! If you do everyday. Let's try before your special occasion comes :)

Beauty wasn't built in a day !

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