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Beauty Tips How to cleanse your Face!

I became interested in putting make up on my face when I was in my late teens.

Lip stick, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, foundation, blush ...etc

I gazed at my face with make up in fascination.

I enjoyed changing my face everyday. I felt I was Cool.

Even a friend of mine said to me you are so different from Before and After!!

So!? Shush  Shush. 

In my late 20's, out of the blues I had pimples on my forehead and jawline.

Mmmm, it was unusual to me ... I never had red, bumpy stuff before ...

I wanted to hide this so I put make up on more and more.

But my pimples didn't go away. Unfortunately it always stayed with me.

I couldn't hide my pimples even if I put make up on ... no more looking good.

There are many reasons for my Skin breakouts. Stress, Hormone, Diet, Lack of Sleep, lack of proper cleansing etc ...

I wanna share about proper cleansing for making healthy skin.

There are many different types of Cleansing.

Oil Cleansing           for Heavy make up

Liquid Cleansing     for Heavy make up       

Gel Cleansing          for Normal to Light make up 

Cream Cleansing    for Normal to light make up

Milk Cleansing         for Light make up

You can get any Cleanser at the Super Market , Beauty Clinic, Internet Online from expensive to cheap.

The Price doesn't matter as long as Cleanser suits you.

Only you have to know what kind of skin you have which is Dry, Oily Congested, Sensitive, Redness, Rosacea, Breakout, Dull, Wrinkle and so on ...

Also make up everyday (include mineral powder) heavy or light or nothing on or only sunblock.

It's very important how to use the cleansing everyday.

My skin is dry and oily combination skin.

T zone is oily and cheek is dry and sensitive also around eyes are dry as well.

I put make up on every day with sunblock, foundation (mineral foundation) eye shadow, lipstick.

My make up is not heavy but I still need a good cleansing.

Personally I like and use a Gel type cleanser.

Texture is light also water soluble gel type cleanser makes me so refreshed afterwards.

I want to tell you how I cleanse every night.

1 Wash my hands with hand wash 

2 Wet my face

3 Put Gel Cleanser on my palm and add water then rub to make a foam.

4 Apply around my face

5 Gently rub my face

6 Rinse off with tepid water

7 Rinse off with cold water 1-2 times

8 Dry dab gently with towel.

Are you already doing this?

You knew already?

Not so important!?

Most important part is No 5 Gentle Rub.

Many people do rub very hard.

During Cleansing if your skin moves with your fingers, you're rubbing too hard.

Just rub the Cleanser not the skin!

Don't worry, today's Cleansers are made well so even a gentle rub still works.

Too much rubbing each day makes your skin age quickly!

I believe most Women & Men like to age slowly. I do!!!

To much rubbing makes your skin dry. Eventually you'll get lines & wrinkles. It also makes skin sensitive causing redness especially around the Cheek bone area.

Gentle rubbing removes Oiliness from makeup and impurities from your skin pores.

Try Cleansing Gently 2 weeks to a month, you will feel the difference.

It's only Cleansing but it's still IMPORTANT!!

Beauty was not built in a day!

The Contents above are based on my experience. If you have specific Skin needs talk to your Doctor or Skin Specialist.

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