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Eye Cream

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Do you need Eye Cream?

Do you use Eye Cream?

The Human skin is about 2 mm thick.

Around the eyes skin its less than 1 mm thick.

The eyes skin experience sensitive effects from Ultraviolet Rays, dryness, Air pollution also if you cleanse to get rid of mascara or eyeliner or eye shadow with rough rubbing around your eyes. It could damage your skin.

Especially Eye Cream is made differently from the normal moisturizer for skin which means Eye Cream has high hydration ingredients.

If you are using normal moisturizer(Not an eye cream.) for your eyes, possibly it is hard to see the result.

It may cause a reaction cause you're not using the right moisturizer for only your eyes.

Do you feel dry ? 

Do you see wrinkles?

Do you have dark circles?

Do you have dull skin?

Do you need Eye Cream?

Yes! you do!

One of the clever ingredients for eyes is Hyluronic Acid.

Naturally found inside the human body especially they are in the Dermis of the skin.

Hyluronic acid feture is 1g held up to 6 litter water which means super hydrates skin.

But the negative part is the natural Hyrulonic acid is getting less as we age.

This is getting less when we are in the late 30's and 50 % less compere from baby when we are 40's also 60's has 1/4 (25%) less than baby.

Only 25%?? really??

But don't worry!

The change of view point! Just add if its decrease. Easy!

Silicium is another yummy ingredient.

Silicium found inside the human body is the same as Hyluronic acid.

It's kind of a Mineral nutrient.

Skin, bones, Veins, Teeth, Nails and Ligaments have silicium.

But it can not be produced inside the body.

Its one of the reasons that it reduces abundance during aging.

Intraceuticals Eye Cream Gel                               

 Gel Type.                                                           

 High concentration Hyrulonic Acid  (Medium weight)                                           Vitamin C       

 Green Tea

Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream

Cream Type


Low weight Hyrulonic acid

Vitamin B

Benefit is 

Awakens and tightens eye contour.

Immediately tightens, smoothing the appearance of fine lines.   

Smoothing deep wrinkles and visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles.


When you wash and cleanse around your eyes just be gentle every day.

Apply cream gently with your ring finger or index finger.

Using Eye Cream is not just only for your concerning around Eyes which means if we use Eye Cream now you will see different result eventually.

So doesn't matter if you are in your 20's to 100's, it's important when you care for yourself around the Eyes.

If you don't wanna use Eye Cream just take care when you wash around your eyes.

Beauty wasn't built in a day!

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