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Face lift with out Surgery

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

There are 30 different kinds of facial muscles in our face.

The muscles cover the entire face including the eyes, nose and mouth.

Facial muscles are also called Skin muscles as the muscles are attached to the skin。

If your Facial muscles are not tight, your outside skin is not tight.

Loose facial muscles equal loose skin.

If you don't use your facial muscles eventually your skin will sag.

Drooping skin will show stands out lines on forehead, heavy eyelids and double chin.

So exercising facial muscles is very important like exercising your body.

Facial muscles are very thin. Different from body muscles.

Ideally, we can use skin care products that includes collagen and hyrulonic acid.

For out side skin and exercised facial muscles inside would be Super almighty!

Face Exercise advantage 1 Inconspicuous for wrinkle and lines after building your facial muscles.

2 Eyes look bigger as eyelids become lighter.

3 Tight over all then jawline is getting sharper.

4 Complexion becomes bright.

5 Easy and better results.

6 No tools necessary.

7 Face lift with out Surgery at no cost. Only a few minutes.

Face Exercise dis-advantages

1 We need time minimum 5 minutes to 10 minutes in a day.

2  We need to Facial Exercise step by step each day.

I will share with you one of the exercise for your face line.

1 Facing up

2 Put out Tongue

3 Try to touch your nose with your tongue.

(You don't need to touch your nose just imagine.)

4 Keep holding for 5 seconds.

5 Release.

6 Do it again 3x times.

Do it 3times in the morning, lunch time and evening.

Try to keep doing it for 2 weeks then you will see a differece.

Next time, I will tell you how to do forehead and eyelid exercises.

Thank you for reading :)

Beauty was not built in a day!

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