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Face lift with out Surgery - part 2

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Face skin and Head skin are connected.

So saggy face means head skin is saggy as well.

Frontalis Muscle is in the forehead.

The Muscle gets weak if we don't use it like body muscles,

What happens with weak Frontalis muscle is it causes the Skin to sag down.

It causes drooping eyelids and Forehead wrinkled lines.

So if you exercise your forehead you can build up your Frontail Muscles.

Forehead exercise makes less wrinkles on the forehead and the effects of heavy eyelids.

When I see myself in a photo taken 10 years ago.

My Eyelids are heavier now from 10 ten years ago.

My make up sometimes works very well which is making my eyes open up but sometimes it doesn't work.

This means my forehead muscle is getting weak so slowly its sliding down...Oh my gosh..

But don't worry I know what to do!

Let's exercise a Face lift with out Surgery !!!

1 Place 3 fingers of both hands across your forehead ( index finger to ring finger) like a crown with your thumbs over your ears.

2 Anchor grip your fingers across your forehead

3 Flex your Eyebrows in a up and down motion slowly 10 times.

Try not to make lines on your forehead with fingers or hands.

You should anchor firmly on your forehead 

This exercise makes the Frontalis Muscles in your forehead strong.

Also it makes your eyes beady.

Do this everyday 10 times in a day.

You will start to feel the difference even in a few weeks.

Beauty wasn't built in a day!

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